First Step

I am just starting out in REI, and I am trying to get alot of cash together to pay off debts. I have looked into “Bird -Dogging” and it looks great. I know an investor in my area, he owns alot of property out in my area, and is very good at what he does. Should I call him up and arrange a meeting with him to discuss that I am interested in finding good investment properties for him, for a fee? Or should I just put together a investment deal , and just go present it to him? He is the only real estate investor I know in my area, so I dont want to mess things up. Any advice is appreciated. THanks

Howdy Leverage:

Go meet him. Find out what he likes. He may pay retail or he may buy at 80 to 70% of retail only which is what I suspect. He may he rehabs only or who really knows until you ask. if you have a deal then for sure take it to him asap. You sound apprehensive. Just go do it. There is really no way to mess it up. Just tell him you are new and want to learn and earn. I myself love helping others while I get good deals from their efforts and he will probably jump at the chance, He too could be an old grouch and bite your ear off but the doctors can stick it back on. Good luck with it , I am sure it will work for you. Stay positive


After you find out what he wants, you coulde go out and find those kinds of houses, and do a contract assignment over to him.