First Short Sale

Well I hate trailers, but my hard money lender said I should do some subject to stuff with them.

I took his advice and stopped scratching them off of my mailing list.

Within one day, I get a call. Sit the appointment and short sale it.

1 acre of land with the doublewide trailer in fair condition. all for the whopping price of $32,000

Retail Value is $60K-$70K

I’m loving it.

Congratulations, Clay - that’s great!

So what’s your next step? Rehab it a little, give it some curb appeal then resell, or keep it as a rental and get some cash flow?

Congrats again on taking the plunge - something I still have yet to do…



You wanna buy it?
Nah just kidding. It has about 20K sitting in the place. So I was thinking since I can’t get a mortgage for it to dump it.

I’ll sell it to the first one with the fastest closing.

Jimmy Newell