I have bird dogged and wholesaled before, but I am going to rehab a home using a hard money lender. Me and my partner are still looking at a few homes and haven’t chosen one as of yet.

Can you guys who have more experience give me some advice on what things to look for in a project and what steps to take in the repairing process?

What are you going to do with it? Buy fix up and rent or buy fix up and sell?

when evaluating project remember you wants things that are relatively easy and cheap to fix. Examples of things you can NOT fix cheaply are bad neighborhood , bad curb appeal, undesirable lot features/slope, funky interior layout, etc. Horrible bathrooms, kitchens that are trashed and lime green shag carpet are all easy to fix.

Thanks for responding. I’m looking to buy fix up and sell.

Here is a link to several free downloads on rehabbing. One is a check list of things, and the order to do them in.

I also highly recommend the book itself. Quite good.