First Mailing(judge results)

This was my first direct mailing to pre for and i sent a small number of 100 yellow letters. I recieved 15 phone calls from it, but 7 were people telling me that there house is not for sale and to no longer write to them. But 2 calls look like there are possible short sales. I wanted to know is it common when you sent out a direct mailing,

  1. Is a large number of your calls home owners yelling and screaming out writing to them.
  2. And when they tell you to take them off the list do you? or do you continue to send them a letter when you know that they are in pre for?
    Any help would be great.

Honor their request and stop mailing them. There are always angry people out there. I must admit, the number is little high though… so something in the letter made them feel so compelled to call you and complain.

Overall, it is no big deal as long as you are getting good leads. You just have to deal with the angry callers.

He is right, their is always going to be angry people in this business, but you couldn’t work with them anyways. So, yeah respect their request and take em off the list and keep getting the good leads. Don’t focus on the bad calls - only on the good ones…good luck!

I just did my first direct mailing campaign. It’s a yellow letter campaign to pre-foreclosures in my area.

I recieved my first response yesterday, it’s a future lead, she’s not selling but thanked me for my letter and said if she decides to sell, she’s calling me.

So i’m happy. I’ve had a 2% response rate thus far though, took me 44 letters to get that response.

Do you mind posting what your letter copy is? Mine’s very simple:

Hello (first name)

 My name is Lance Valfre.  I want to buy your house at 123 Main St.  If you need to sell, please give me a call at 866 543 8688.


At first i was using longer copy, but realized it’s just too much. Your response rate seems excellent.

yeah mine is as simple as that as well. it just says,

Dear Homeowner,

Hi my name is Vaughn my wife and I would like to talk to you about purchasing your poperty at 123 lane. 
               Please Call-  (123)456-6789

Please Call

A 2% response rate is great! Although it sounds like your letter is too general. Being a little more specific in your letter will qualify your calls, thus screening out the “tire-kickers”.

If you were in financial trouble not knowing what to do, thinking of selling your house and you get a letter in the mail… what would convince you to make that phone call? Thats what goes in the letter…

Well i recieved another call today. Did all the math.

I’ve actually mailed 42 letters and recieved 2 calls, so a 4.7% Response Rate.

You’re right, my letters are currently very general. I will change my ad copy in the future, i really want to keep my first mailing campaign fixed for a while to guage my results, then start tweeking.

42 letters is too little to measure results since the chances of hit and miss are minimal. You also need to hit them multiple times by sending them multiple letters over period of time.

Return depends on:

  1. How motivated/potential motivation of your list
  2. How strong your copy and will your receiver read it
  3. How many times you hit them/mail to them

I understand Fadi.

I just started mailing a week and a half ago. Hitting every Lis Penden filed in my town as soon as it is filed, and hitting them once a week for 4 weeks. Thus far, out of the first 37 people i’ve mailed to, i recieved 3 calls. Now that’s not taking into account how many mailings i sent to each one of them (which is currently 1-2).

Do you guys calculate your response rate based on how many people you’re mailing to, or based on how many total mailings sent out?