Found a for sale by owner property! :biggrin
3 bdr, 1039sq ft, partially finished basement 1 updated bath,nice area, two car garage.
MOTIVATED SELLERS! What to do next?

much much more information is needed.

just because they’re a fsbo and they’re “motivated” doesn’t mean it’s a “good lead”.

Are you going to Bird Dog of Wholesale it?

What are the numbers?

Actual Value after Repairs:
Cost of Repairs:
Asking Price:
Comps in Area:

Just because someone is a FSBO seller doesn’t mean they’re motivated. They can be testing the waters. They’re probably curious to see what offers they can get. A good lead comes from someone with motivation and situation.

If you’re looking to make discounted cash offers and the seller willing to sell for 50 or 60 cents on the dollar, they’re motivated. The situation could be the house is in distress (needs repairs the owner can’t afford to fix) or they are or will be in financial distress.