First Investment Club Meeting

This coming Saturday I’ll be attending my first Club meeting at Rich here in Houston. What Should I Expect? Should I bring business cards…I’m just trying to get a feel for what goes on there.

Yes, ALWAYS carry business cards. The clubs that I’ve attended usually involve a pitch from a member about their business, a presentation regarding a particular business topic (short sales, dealing w/ banks, advertising, etc), a discussion/QA section, and possibly a discussion about the deals that the members are currently working on.

I will be at the RICH club meeting Saturday also. It is large meeting. It is held in a hotel ball room (UofH Hilton). Be there early. There is a guy that will give a presentation for an hour or so on some aspect of Real estate. This month it is 12 ways to buy real estate.

When you walk up outside of the ball room is set up like a convention. There are booths everywhere. THIS IS the meat of that meeting. There are people there from financing, to foundation repair. ALL these guys are investor friendly businesses. They understand that when you talk about a new roof you are thinking $3,000 not $10,000. They expect when you apply for a mortgage you are likely to have 10 mortgages on your credit report and how to get the loan through with that situation. There are also people moving from booth to booth just like you. Usually the people at whatever booth you are at are interested in the things that you are interested in also. Talk to those people not just the vendor.

They have this deal-a-minute (kind of hokey). It is kind of like speed dating. Everybody lines up and gets a turn at the mike. They have 1 minute to present any property they have for sale and you can go over to them after they sit down and make contact.

The name badges are color coded. One color for lease options, another color for multi family still other colors for flippers, or wholesalers, etc. Look for these colors. One tip is that 80% to 90% of the room are people that have done no deals or only 1 or 2. They are of little help to you. The people that do a lot of deals tend to be outside the room around the tables. You are there to network not to sit and listen to speeches.

Thanks BM6 this is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. I dont want to be totally confused when I walk in.

Great Tips!