First eviction - whoo hoo!

Well, I don’t know if this is worth getting excited about - LOL - but I’m going to JP court tomorrow to file my first eviction. I have given 3-day pay or quit notices before, but this will be my first time actually having to go to court over to proceed with the next step in the eviction process. The good thing is that in Texas it’s real easy & very pro-landlord — I’ve researched it thoroughly. I’ll keep you guys posted if you want to know how it goes (that could be handy for “newer” landlords). Have a great day! MotivatedCEO

Please do let me know, I hope I don’t have too but its always good to know :beer

Hopefully they haven’t trashed the place too bad


I wish I was in texas. :biggrin

Dang. Well, the lady moved out at the last minute. Oh well! That saved me a couple hundred bucks though