First deal under contract

I have a townhouse 2/1 under contract for 84K with 0 earnest money. ;o) The seller still lives in the house but will be leaving within two weeks. The seller is going to be replacing the carpet and vinyl flooring on the house. Water went in from the front door when the last hurricane hit. The comps on the property is 115K from recent sales. I am thinking about listing it with my realtor and doing a double closing. I am just having problems on how I could possibly show it to possible buyers. What do you guys think?

why would you have problems? just ask the agent for a showing. by the way if its under contract, ask the agent for the lockbox code or ask the current resident if it is okay to put a lockbox on the door. tell them you need to let contractors, appraisers, whoever into the place in the mean time. if they say “no” to the lockbox on the door schedule an appointment. something similar happened to me. i had a property that was still occupied and i was getting it for a good price and selling it at a better price, so i just scheduled an appointment with my agent who got me in there no problem. by the way someone was home, but they stayed out of our way while my buyer looked at it.

Contract has been assigned to another investor. ;o) Didn’t even have to show the property.

  • DarvinM

congratulations… how much did you make?

im working on my first also…

see thread entitled “DEAL ON THE LINE!”