First Deal HELP!!!!!!!

Ok guys, I know you all can help me with this. Finally I have my first deal on my own on the table but I don’t know where to go from here because my mentor is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! ahhhhh!. The contract with the realtor is in place sitting at the title company but I have to go and show the property to my investors today. What contract should I use when I flip this thing to my investor? the regular real estate contract that I’ve use to purchase the property or is there any other?; are those contracts assignable or do I have to have a clause in there that says it is assignable.

I don’t want to PANIC and I am sure it’ll not be a big deal but I just don’t know


I have been reading the forum and found some answers. Sorry guys, I was in panic :biggrin now what I need is an assignable contract so the original real estate contract can be assigned to my buyer. But still, do I use the same real estate contract to sell plus the assignable contract or how should I do this.
I guess I still have to do this all by myself because mentor is not reporting a word so far.
Please :help


I’ve done so many assignments and there have been problems sometimes with realtors including an assignment provision. I stopped using an assigment provision many years ago and just add after my name and signature " (my name), or Assigns." I can’t remember ever having a problem since using this tactic.

Best to get a real estate closing attorney (who represents lenders funding your deals) to help you with your first couple of transactions with the provisions regarding assignments.


Hey Lady deal

congrats to you.

Contracts are generally assignable so you don’t have to include that verbage in the contract itself.

The assignment of contract can be just a plain agreement showing that you are simply assigning the terms of the original contrac to the investor and make sure it spells out your fee.

As for the actual closing, utilize the resources at your local REI to point you to a closing attorney or title company that is investor friendly.