First deal done but......


I have recently completed my first deal. I bought a house that I am currently rehabbing. I bought the house for 22K and I am fixing the house up and selling it for 85K. I got the house from someone that obtained the property through probate court. The property had tenants but they had to move before closing. Since this was a last second situation for the tenants I allowed the tenants to have a couple of addtional days to remove their items. The tenants moved most of their items but they left some other stuff. I keep calling them to pick their stuff up and they keep promising to come and get the remaining items but they keep breaking that promise. They also have 2 abandoned cars on the property they have to get as well.

My question is how do I handle this situation? Any help will greatly be appreciated.


Hey Walt…

I have been in property management for the past few years and have come across this situation before. There is a certain time period for them to come get their stuff (30 days in Indiana). Find out locally. You might be able to call the sherriffs office and they might tell you. Once you pass that time frame that stuff is yours. Either trash or sell if it’d decent. I have found alot of valuable stuff that people have left behind. As far as the cars go same thing… then call one of those “WE BUY JUNK CARS” people. Hope this helps.


hey JC,

you wouldn’t happen to be in Southern IN would you. I live in Clarksville and was just wondering.

I too am JC…

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