Fire Damage. Reasons to sell

Good afternoon.

While walking my dog I noticed a house around the corner from my house was abondaned. I came home and looked up the address and noticed the house was damaged from a fire on Feb. 10.

I located a phone number for the owners, but have not called them yet.

My questions are what would be a reason for the owners to sell?
What exactly does the home owners insurance cover and how should I approach these homeowners?

Thanks for all the responses in advance.

IF they had fire insurance as part of their homeowner’s then it SHOULD cover the repairs and replacement of MOST of their posessions. Unfortunately all too often they don’t have fire ins. Then additional reasons to sell depend on what caused the fire and how it happened. Perhaps it was arson or faulty wiring. Who knows? The fire dept. Try calling them and asking about it. There should be a report on the matter that discloses suspected or known cause of fire, whether or not there were fatalities and the extent of the damage.

That will tell you more. But be sympathetic above all else. Remember they’ve probably just lost almost everything they own.

Thank you for the input. I will check the local fire report and re-post results.

I tried calling the number I found for the owners but it is no longer in service. Wat is another way to locate the home owners?