finished it!

well, i read carletons course…now what?
who can suggest an institutional lender, other than a bank, that has physically distressed properties?

Congratulations on getting through Carleton’s course. The second part of your post is confusing to me. You want to located physically distressed properties owned by institutional lenders, but not banks? Why?

What difference does it make who owns the property? There’s two ends of the spectrum as I see it with properties on one end and motivated sellers on the other. Either one looks for properties and makes many offers so some will actually hit or one deals with motivated sellers.

Please explain your thinking in detail so folks can respond. Thanks.

well, i figured it would be difficult to get a loan from a bank if you have bad credit so what i was meaning to ask was is there any other institutional lender that wont give me a hard time if i try to obtain a loan to buy a physically distressed property while having bad credit. maybe my question is a little too broad but being a newbie, how else can i put it? :oops:

I’m a newbie too but I do know that private mortgage lenders are available but at higher interest rates. :wink:


Congrats on finishing a book course. Now using that info as a base… ask questions here about how the REAL world situations work. You need to read every post you can on this forum that has a subject line that interests you.

Find out what hard money lenders are, know what loan programs are avilable to you with bad credit and the like…

Keep learning…