Finding Wholesale Properties

I am a beginning with wholesaling and am wondering where wholesales can be found? how are they found? Thanks in advance.

You’ve just asked a question that whole books, courses, heck even schools are based on.

I’d probably start at your local libary and work up from there.


The key is to find motivated sellers. Ask youself what would make someone motivated to sell and then figure out how to track those owners down.

I’m sort of confused by the question. It’s like saying, “I’m going to open up a fruit stand. Where can I buy fruit wholesale?”

I think you need to have that answer lined up before you can decide to open your fruitstand, don’t you?

Why do you want to get into wholesaling? What traits or skills do you have that would lend themselves to this kind of business?

I do agree that you first step is to read one of the many books on making money in real estate with no money of your own.

along with what the other auction guy said. Try to crawl behind the eyes of desperate sellers. What papers do they read, where do they shop, who do they call call it seller profiling if you will.

Just as the cops profile criminals, you want to become an expert at profiling motivated seller, and investors.

theres a post on my blog somewhere about finding sellers, I cant post articles in the forum but I do have a pretty good layout for finding buyers and sellers in there somewhere.

Eric Medemar