Finding vacant owners

I have a list from a birddog that has addresses of vacant houses. I looked up online the tax records to find the owners of the vacant houses. The only thing it has there is the current owners address and no phone number. Is there any other way to contact these people or find out their phone numbers? Or should I just send them a mailing that says that I am an investor looking to purchase their vacant house? Thanks, Mike

If you have their name and address couldn’t you just go to and look up their #'s?

check the post office change of address

also visit:

Have you used this service before?

I have and I highly recommend them.

Thanks I will keep the number handy. :smiley:

Also consider They are a company online that will allow you to not only find the seller, but also their most recent address. You can search for their telephone number for $.25 per search. That’s one quarter per telephone number search!!!

You’ll need to start off with about $100 in your Merlin account, and you draw off of that each time you use the service. When you’re getting close to running out, they let you know in advance and its as simple as punching in your credit card number. Simple, easy, and cheap.

I’ve used them many times over the past several years with great success.

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I’ve tried and gotten no where. Has anyone tried a private invetigator?

Someone else on this forum suggested I haven’t tried them yet, but they came highly recommended.

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