Finding Vacant Houses


I drive around to find vacant properties but I know there have got to be easier ways to find lists of these things.

I have heard of do-not-deliver lists that the post office would have that you could get and find properties that way. I was also told that the police department maintains a list of properties that are vacant to track properties where drug deals could take place and other illegal activity was conducted.

I live in Hillsborough county florida and neither of these avenues worked for me. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to obtain this information (other than code enforcements or driving around). Was I not asking for the right form/list?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Pinguino, if you’re looking for vacant houses try a realtor.

A realtor is a good person to have on your team anyway when investing in real estate.

He/she will have access to the MLS and with the computer, will have them before they are listed in the MLS book.

Other sources could be your mailman, pizza delivery boy/girl, utility people and people you see on the streets as you drive (farming) neighborhoods.

It’s a lot of work (farming), but if you’re out anyway going to/from work, school etc., simply look for vacant properties.

Good luck!

That not alway true , some realtor are snakes and only look out for them self. Do your home work and use as many realtor as you can To build up your inventory. And never tell one realtor you are working with antoher one.

im ken been buying and selling for 11 years now and love it.

Lists of delinquent tax sale properties in your county can also turn up quite a few vacant houses.


I’m a realtor and I work almost exclusively with investors. We are a happy team. Please tell me where you are located so real estate agents know not to deal with you. With your deceptive attitude, we’d be in real trouble working with you.