Finding the right real estate agent near Harker Heights

Is it wise to have a real estate agent represent me, if my intention is to buy a new home from a builder? Also, who are the quality builders in Harker Heights?

Can anyone point in the right direction to find a real estate agent that deals primarily in bank foreclosures in Harker Heights?

The “wisdom” of having an agent represent you is solely dependent on the knowledge level that you have. In many transactions I don’t use an agent because my understanding is as high or higher than most folks involved, so it’s more of a hindrance than a help.

However, if I were going to new construction, I would probably seek assistance/guidance from someone with more experience. During the process I might discover that my knowledge level was fine, but since I’m not experienced with the nuances of that particular transaction, it makes logical sense to me to seek an experienced guide.

Agents that have made it through the lean years and that have been around for 5, 10, 20+ years are a definite asset in more traditional type transactions. They view things through an agent’s perspective and have knowledge I don’t.

Sorry, can’t help with HH builders.

If you want to know who lists the F/C in HH, you only need to get a hold of some of the listings. You’ll begin to see some of the same names over and over.

hope it helps…