Finding the NICHE!!

hey everybody! hows it going?? I did a lot of market research tonight and I was wondering what kind of market is good for rehabbs. I have subdivisions that are in the 100’s the 200’s and 300’s and the 400’s
the property in the 200’s and 300’s has the best scchool district. the 100’s and 400’s are pretty good too. all of these subdivisions have good neighborhoods. Does rehabbing become more risky when you deal with properties that are valued at 400 and higher? or should it not matter because the numbers work out fine? and also the same question with wholesaling markets.

thanks guys


I have done about 20 rehabs and have found that construction costs do not vary too much whether you are in the high end or the low end. My thinking is that if you are focusing on the lower-end, avoid total “gut” job renovations. The higher end markets can absorb total renovations easier. I agree with the previous post that it doesn’t matter if the numbers work. Know your profit going in…that is the key.