What is the easiest way to find the homeowner of an abandoned home? Please help!!!

Lang - There was a thread few weeks ago discussing exactly this topic. If you do a search or browse the topics you should be able to find it. There was a wealth of good information in that discussion.

Some of the things mentioned:

1 - tax records - some counties make information available online - mine does.
2 - skip trace - I believe this is the name… (not 100% sure though). What I understood is that you can pay a Company to locate the owner and his relatives… This one you would need to check on the original thread.
3 - send a letter to the property.
4 - ask neighboors.
5 - put a for sale sign in the front yard of the house… :O) I don’t recommend you do this… As you probably know it is illegal… But I guess it would help you find the owner… and probably his lawyer… :O)

I hope this helps… Have a great weekend!

What you can do is contact your property appraisers office give them the address, they should be able to give you something, or go to your counties public records office and ask for help.

What online website do you use to find the tax records?


Go to, click local and type in “tax assessor” in the first search box and type in what city or town you live in. Call one of the phone numbers from the results and ask them, " if I want to find out who the owner of a vaccant home is, do I get it from you or do you have a website I can just look up?" They should have a website to look at, if not the person on the phone can look it up and give you the info.