Finding the best investment deals

Okay, placed an ad in the local paper to find investors. Most of the people I came in contact with were ones I called that had ad in the paper so, Ive found a few real estate investors to bird dog for. Im new to town so I feel a little intimidated just driving around…maybe i need to just pick a part of town so I don’t get so overwhelmed. I also read the paper daily. I didn’t get that may responses from the newspaper ad to do another ad for properties. Any other suggestions?

you need to put another add in the paper. an I BUY HOUSES ad.
and an I SELL HOUSES ad. then you just cross-pollinate the two!

The best way to find investors, is to go find them. If you’re going to bird dog for them, check with your state laws to ensure that IL doesn’t require you to be licensed as a real estate agent.

Working within the grey area of the laws doesn’t make it legal.

As a bird dog, some could interpret that you are practicing real estate without a license, by locating properties, sometimes negotiating, and sometimes preparing contracts, and assigning the contract to the investor, you would be acting as an agent of the investor…

But on the legal side of things, go find them, work out a fee, and what types of properties they prefer, keep a tickler file for all your investors, and all your properties, and of course referring to the best paying investor over the others, and work your way down the list.

Good luck!