Finding Rehabs

I have been looking forever…anyone have good ideas for finding rehabs fast? I really want to get my first rehab started. I have done a billion forclosure sites and bank home pages… my area seems to have nothing…what am I doing wrong should i be begging the county for leads? WHO DO I CALL!!!

Why don’t you call some of those “We Buy Houses” ads? Most of them are investors or wholesalers who find rehabs and look to assign the contract for a certain fee. Usually if you call them up and tell them you’re interested they’ll add you to their database and they’ll give you a call as soon as something with your specific criteria comes along.

Drive the streets, call FSBOs, locate landlowners for vacated properties, contact tired landlords with rundown properties, look in MLS, etc.

There are many ways to find them. Some investors advertise and market to a particular area. If you can’t spend money, you have to spend the time.