Finding rehabbers

I am an investor in CA looking to buy some properties in Charlotte. No luck on craigslist finding a rehabber so what is the best way to track down a rehabber with experience working with out of town investors?

Hi Chris,

Try to lookup the local Investor clubs and get in contact with them, they should be able to refer you to someone with the experience you are looking for.

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If you call the local inspection office, explain that you are an out of town investor, and that you want to ensure that you are using contractors that have a good record with their office and know the local codes, they will SOMETIMES give you some suggestions if you speak to an actual inspector. At first, they will probably tell you that they can’t, but if you keep them on the phone and get them comfortable with you, and explain that you want to make it easier for them ultimately, you have a better chance of them opening up a little.

But the suggestion to contact local REI clubs is a good one also, but just remember that you there may be a standards-gap…

Another idea is to call local Product Dealers in the book (i.e. - kitchens, lighting companies, building products, lumber yards, and find out who they use… i.e. - electricians, plumbers, tile-setters, rockers, roofers, siding, etc. which they usually sub-out and then can lead to you to who they use or refer people to).

After about 20 calls, you will start to notice a trend of who is using who…

You can also try websites that review contractors and contrast/compare what you gleen from the above… Good luck…

You can advertise on Craigslist that you are looking for recomendations for workmen with the following job skills: flooring, paint, whatever your rehab needs. I got my painter and my tile guy that way. Not so much luck finding a handyman, though.

I would talk to someone credible, since you will be far away. Try Realtors, property managers, and real estate lawyers. You should find a reliable person, just be careful. I am not a big fan of being far away and dealing with real estate.

I guess rehablist is a good lace.

only a guess…hehe…

I have another inverstor friend there. I will ask him about rehabber . The problem, I see is how will you know your money is well spent. Are you going to fly thier once in a while?