I’M KINDA NEW HER, 2ND POST. NEED HELP. CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH INFORMATION FOR FINDING “REAL WHOLESALE BUYERS” FOR SINGLE FAMILY NEW CONSTRUCTION & NEW RENOVATIONS IN CENTRAL VIRGINIA ? i know what you’re going to say. done all that. don’t get me wrong. i had plenty of offers, some higher than i’m asking but whenever i ask for PROOF FUNDS TO CLOSE, that’s when they all never answer the phone anymore. i am willing to discount at 1/3 off the BANK APPRAISAL. when i first acquired these properties, the ARV was 35% above the present bank appraisal. my partners want out yesterday. 2/3 of appraisal will pay off my partners. i would lose my investment plus time & expenses but that’s ok. i can even supply tenants &/or rent to own with positive cash flow. this would be the same as buying cheap fixer uppers & renovate, orbuying land , then build. because the immediate equity is 33%±. except no time, expenses, effort. it’s all done already !

Did you try any of the suggestions that the members provided when you asked virtually the same question last month?,39207.msg189049.html#msg189049