Finding Real Investors

Hello all, I am trying to build my investors buyers list. I am going to be dealing mainly in LAND to flip. I was thinking about putting an ad on the local newspaper or thrifty nickel that says something like so:


I am just going to do a bait and switch technique. What do you guys think. Do you think this is a good idea? If you have any suggestions please also post! Thanks!

Hmmm…“bait and switch”. Yeah, I like it! Perhaps you’ll pull it on just the right guy when you do it (like Uncle Nunzio) and he’ll fit you for some new cement shoes.

Is your REI plan so weak that you have to screw people? If so, it’s not much of a plan.

Personally, I think your idea stinks. It’s dishonest from the start. Would you want someone to do the same to you?


Right on, KEITH!!! Yo, land ho, check the internet for federal cases of “bait & switch”. Sears & Roebuck didn’t get away with it for a reason…IT’S ILLEGAL!!!


yeah, i don’t think that’s a good tactic. aside from the legal and ethical issues it raises, if you do get a response from a person with money who is a viable investor, you are going to lose credibility quickly when they see what you are up to. people who have made a lot of money in life TEND to be fairly intelligent, so some simple minded bait and switch scheme won’t do your business reputation any good.

a better idea would be to find networking opportunities with wealthy groups in your community, actually get one or two investors, show them a nice profit, and get them to refer you to their friends based on testimonials.

bait and switch is a corner cutting technique. just don’t do it.

Thank you everyone for all of your opinions. I will be going to a local real estate club next week. Wish me luck!

why don’t you pass a word around that you are wholesaling a land - post a message on the website of your local REIa, for instance.
Or better off, find developers in your area and then contact them.

BTW, I was looking for materials about buying and selling land.
Which one did you get?


I think your idea of advertising a deal to find investors is fantastic. However the only flaw I see is why not have an actual deal? They are out there just get one even verbal contract and I beleive that gives you the right to run the ad. They are going to ask you about the property and they are going to want to know you’re knowledgable. So if they call you they are going to ask you about the terms of your deal if you sold it.

If it were me I would catch you by questioning you. That has nothing to do with you but rather an astute sales person with an ability to read through B.S. If they didn’t catch you I don’t think you’d want to flip them a property unless you really knew what you were doing. Keep in mind a “real investor” with experience is going to help you probably as much if not more then you’re going to help them. I coach all my birddogs in CA and they get a lot out of every deal we do outside of the money.

To recap you have a great idea just get a deal first, then advertise. If you really do flip it then tell the investor that and give them the details on the details on the and they’ll know your ligit.

Hope this helps everyone. Stay positive and forget the haters that put people down.

Jason Akatiff

Jason – Sorry, am I the only one; but what was that all about? I didn’t even understand it, much less get any help from it.

And pinoydarv; does this mean you have given up the “bait and switch” approach–or are you taking it on the road to your local rei?

Maybe I am just tired, but this was most confusing.

Hi everyone. I was thinking of running an add similar to this in the local newspaper to find investor/buyers. Please let me know what you think.

“Birdogger looking for Investors and buyers. Have property opportunities in Augusta, Ga and surrounding areas.”

I may have gotten this idea from someone else but I can’t remember.


That’s a great idea on running the ad. However here’s how I invite you to do it.

250k home for 190k in (area), no repairs, Serious buyers that can close fast ONLY! XXX-XXX-XXX

Of course use the particulars of the best deal you have under contract. That was investors will know there are calling about something. We know how many seminar grads there are out there. But someone with actual deals is a very different story. Most seminar grads don’t have those.

Good luck!

Hi, wouldnt it be easier to go thru the classifieds and loate all the ads that go in this them! lol! I buy Houses. More than likely they are investors like us intereated in buying property. When you contact them you can find out what kind of properties they want to buy and when you have something, contact them.


The very thought that you would consider a bait and switch is enough cause to send everyone running from you.

If you are truly sonsidering a bait and switch, I will tell you that it is people like you that give a bad name to mortgage and real estate and the best thing that anyone can do is drum you out of the business.

If I ever saw your ad, I would turn you in myself.

Disgraceful and disgusting.

You should be ashamed of yourself.


Always create a Win-Win situation. for you and the buyer/investor that way you can do deals together in the future.


You got that right.

Live by Zig Ziglars credo and you will build a huge business.

You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

                                  Zig Ziglar

About sums it up, would you agree?


First of all thats a solid idea. When the investors call you simply tell them that you already sold the property in question and politely ask if you can have their information. Ask them what type of properties they’re looking for, price range etc. then tell them you’ll contact them as soon as you get another property under contract.

All the people on this post condeming you like you’re doing something horribly wrong and hurtful are bandwagon ridin a-holes. This is a forum to help people, i wholesale properties and i actually was able to build a rather decent buyers list from just such an ad. You’re not decieving anyone, all you’re doing is taking the first steps to success which apparently makes a lot of these folks sick.

Just my opinion. ???

I have an idea !!

Why not run an ad that says

I bird dog and wholesale Real Estate.
Investors Needed - Let me know what you are looking for. call xxx-xxx-xxxx Bruce

if you read some of the articles, some of the “gurus” have done some of the same kind of advertising. they have stated that they have “fixer-uppers”, “contractor blue light specials”, whatever at a great price. they themselves have said in their articles that may not have had any properties but would call them when they have one. it was a way to build their buyers lists and lo and behold, they came across a property and quickly had someone to flip it to. read the article on building a buyers list.

btw, my re agent has told me that i dont actually have to own a property to advertise it, but maybe that’s just in michigan.

If youhave to resort to tricking people into calling you, then you don’t belong in the business.

It is so easy to get business doing it the honest and straight forward way.
Deceitful measures are for people who have no skills and should consider a different field or learn their craft and hone their skills.
Deceit is never an acceptable sales tactic.

Leviticus 19:11 Thou shalt not deal falsely…