Finding Real Estate Deals- Some observations on word of mouth...

Have you ever heard people say that “it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know that counts”? Well, in the real estate investing arena this can many times be absolutely true when it comes to learning how to find good real estate deals. Take a few moments and plan out your strategy for finding great real estate investments by gaining the attention, cooperation and loyalty of integral pieces to the real estate investing puzzle: the people you never talk to that you see every single day. These people hold the keys to your fortune (even if they drive a garbage truck).

The knowledge and inside information of who needs what, who has what, and who’s looking for what, that lies untapped in the head of every single person you meet, and so you can find motivated sellers by networking. You can find investors and private lenders by networking. You can find tenants by networking. You can absolutely have others help you find property by word of mouth— and doing all these things every day can make you a very rich investor.

As you’re mapping out your winning strategy for real estate investing, keep this in mind: in the real estate business, just like in life, your positive and strong relationships with other people are the greatest assets you can ever have. Thus, networking is an extremely important part of enhancing your investing success.

Networking with like-minded individuals, other investors and real estate professionals who can help you on your journey to success can help investors like you and I locate some great deals. However, it’s networking with people NOT in the real estate business that can often bear the BEST fruit, the very best deals available.

Has anyone else experienced getting great tips on property from people who did not know the true value of what they told you about, didn’t know how to make money with the info, or didn’t have money needed to make the profit potential?

Not certain of the value of networking with other investors… But heck if it works for you more power…