Finding property owners(the best service)?

Whats the best service,company,or website for finding property owners(with an address,not a name?)

Town hall?

Besides the county courthouse,we have an on-line site of our county property owners,but alot of these properties are’nt showing up on there,plus the aggravation of having to go down there in person and fight through a line.So let me be more specific"Does any one know of an on-line service that does the best at this"?

RealyTrac,, has a good number of properties in all states of Pre-Forclusure, Auction, FSBO, etc.

What about abandoned properties?

I think you need to re-read my post.


OoooHHhh so im a newbie? OOOOOK,next!

Welllllll you never did tell me,so i guess i’ll do like ive always done and find out myself,LOL!

Cuzzzz! like i said,i wish you would re-read my post before you answer.I did not say anything about finding an abandoned property,i’m trying to find the owners and their new mailing address that own that abandoned property,oooook?


Ok Allen Properties,lets end this subject before the website runs out of space.But your saying that Realtytrac will give the info of who the owner is and their new mailing address if i punch in the address of the abandoned property? If so then i apologize,but this is what i was trying to express to you.If it will then i will surely try it,thanks again and good luck with your investing.

I don’t have a realtytrac account so I can’t confirm or deny that. If you are looking for a reliable source to find owners of abandoned properties, use your county website. It will have all the information you need and the info will be the most reliable.

Allen ok,i want tell you to read one of my other post to this topic but i’ll go ahead and repeat it here,here goes " My county does have an on-line site that i use to look up abandoned properties but for some reason(whether it has’nt been updated or what) some of the property addresses do not show up on their site.Now i can go down to the courthouse and wade through a line and look at the plot maps and then get the plat # and enter it in and get the info. But i’m just trying to see if there is a site that i can just punch a physical address in and get the owners name and their new mailing address without making a trip to the courthouse? I hope this clears this up,ok?

Yes it does, sorry I never saw that post.

To answer your question, depending on the size of the city/county you are investing in, you might be able to find an online service that provides that information. Contact your realtor and ask them. They will know how to find it without going to the courthouse.

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yeah the realtors have a better on-line program (or some how have access to locating them better),but i use to call them and get the info. from the ones i could’nt find.The agents i called would always look the properties up that i could not get anything on using the county on- line site.It also seemed after awhile that since i was only using them as 'Doorknob" that i was kind of wearing out my welcome.Maybe i should just start dropping them a few $ for their services.Thanks again,and Allen i’m glad after about 20 post to this topic that you finally grasped what i was trying to say,LOL! just kidding man,good luck and good luck investing!