Finding Property Owner??

We have a property in our cross-hairs that is now abandoned. This property was purchased a few years ago, has been on the market since, expired twice, now is empty. The looters have taken over stripped the house of everything worth anything. So it’s $300k asking price in July, shouldn’t be anywhere near that in it’s current condition.

Question is… how would you find the current owner?? The rumor is that it has been repo’d, but the recorders office shows the ‘owers’ still on the tax records/deeds/etc… Who would you contact next. have tried sending a letter to the address, but no response.

any help appreciated.

Ask a title company to do a basic search on it. Sometimes if the property has changed hands (doesnt sound like it has) and has not been recorded yet, they can find the lein holder, if any, or new addresses for the new owners???
Sounds like you already tried county records and that went no where.
Thats all I have.

You can hire a skip tracer or use They will provide you with a comprehensive report that you will have to follow up on.

If you can get more detailed info on the owner such as his full name approximate age and phone number the report is much better. You can often get this information by speaking with the neighbors and seeing if anyone knew the owner. Sometimes that can work to get you a name of a friend or relative.

Vacant houses are worth the effort they make the best deals if you can find the owner.