finding property owner info in California

I need some suggestions in finding property owner information for properties I see around my neighborhood. I’m in California which limits the information I can obtain through public records. I was given very helpful info to go through a title company for free information. Does anyone have any other suggestions/resources I can go through?

Thanks for taking the time.

if I’m really wanting to pursue the property i will knock on there door & explain who i am & what i do, ask if there open to sailing there home, always ask question & listen find out as much about them as possible. if now one lives at the property knock on the neighbors door you will be surprised at what they can tell you… if all else fails start a relationship with a good appraiser, buy them lunch & explain what you are doing & ask if they are willing to give you the info you are seeking for the exchange of them doing all your appraisal’s work. good luck

Go to the county recorder’s office. There will be a dedicated computer for real estate recordings. You can enter the address into the field and it will come up with all of the informaiton that you need. Additionally, get to know a title company rep. They can give you that info for free, and a lot more! Make sure you do the business with them when you get it. Always attend you RE investor’s group meetings and TALK to people, get business cards, give business cards.

Lot of Luck!

he BEST service i have found for this issue is it is part of First American Title Co. It is a paid service but the use of it will give you all previous sale history, owner info, tax info…everything you could ever need .Check it out.

Thank you everyone for your advice. I really appreciate it!

Check out SiteX ( It is a great site. It will give you current property information for your specific needs. Check out their FREE TRAIL.