finding properties

I am just getting started and have learned some basic ways of finding foreclosed properties but was hoping I could get some more ideas. Like I said, I’m just getting started.

What ideas are you already using/ do you already have?

I have heard a few things from a friend. One of the ideas was to get a list from the different cities. I haven’t looked into it yet. Another was to use a local realter for the info.

Call your friendly neighborhood realtor and ask them who you contact to find the list of foreclosures for your county.

Then contact the party that holds that list. Get a copy of that list.

Congratulations you have found houses in foreclosure.

Another way, in some areas the BANKS themselves will have a list of foreclosed houses, it is in their best interest to try to sell it BEFORE auction.

You can BUY the lists pre-sorted and possibly out of date from some companies (sorry don’t know any m’self).

The biggest keys to making this business work?

  1. Pavement pounding
  2. Door knocking
  3. Phone calling
    Just talk to people… That is the single biggest key to turning deals.

But before you get too worried about your first deal, do some homework and become an educated buyer otherwise you’ll stretch out your learning curve and possibly lose a lot of money, time, and effort.