finding properties below market value

Here is what one of the agents said to me:

Good luck. I would keep it for myself if I found it that cheap

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About $100K and below 20% market valvue. So house that worth 100K for $80K.


How can i find properties below market value? i guess agents wont help much.

Keep looking, all agents aren’t like that. There are agents everywhere who will work with you, you just have to find them, and to be honest, it can take time to find the right one. Don’t give up until you find one. If you are looking for junkers, the best way to find one to help you find them is to find those who list them. Good luck.

Howdy Denny:

Many years ago I used to think like that too and heard the same thing you did from several agents and it is true that many agent do buy their own listings especially after they have been on the market a while. Make an offer anyway. Maybe the agent was just getting ready to offer 20 % less and take a smaller commission. Beat them to the punch. They may be lazy. I believe most or at least a lot are. A few years ago I bought 35 houses from 35 different listing agents and not a single agent called to try to sell me a second house. I hope you can tell I am not hatefull and paid them full commission and did not bite their neck, Lazy ? I do not know, but I was one of the only people buying junkers in East Austin at the time and times were not too good then either for Realtors.

Anyway, just keep making offers and looking for good deals. Maybe do not tell the agent you are looking for bargains at 80 % of retail. Find another agent too . I have one that calls me know with each new REO listing before it is even listed and they are bargains. I have done 3 with him and have another pending. It is all about networking and you network my calling and calling until you fimd what you want. Make 10 calls today and make some offers on vacant houses and or REO’s