finding private money

Hi, I have been using conventional lending for quite some time now and i tried hard money lenders also (very handy) but I am trying to find a team of private investor who I can network with when something to good comes across my desk. Can anyone point in the right direction as how to get started? I am in Missouri.

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Attend your lacal real estate cluds and let it be know that your looking for short term dept lenders to be secured by real estate and are willing to pay 10+% interest. Also, talk to rich people, docs, attorneys, accountants and so on. Putting the word out is the way.

Let me know if you find any good dept lenders.


P.S - Be sure you know what your talking about because there is no substitute for making a good first impression.

I have found my PI by putting in an add in the local paper and I got a lot of calls and I just cherry picked the ones I liked did a deal or two with them and I kept the best one and I am still using him and he has millions and is a good friend now and I have helped him make some of that LOL ;D

You can also you to the internet

go the the paper again and look in the section money to lend or business oportunities

open your mouth and ask
this will amaze you on this one I did this and I got someone who I did not even know that had money

thanks for all the great info. I tried the newspaper but i guess my ad was not appealing to the PI’s because all I got was mortgage companies. Can you give an example of the ad you placed in your paper.

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