Finding pre-forclosures

I know that findidng people that are having trouble with their mortgage payments can produce investment opportunities. Any suggestions on how to find them?

expired listings. Contact a realtor for this list.


Depends on your exit strategy.

What do you plan to do with pre-foreclosures? Just buy 1 home to live in it? Start investing in real estate buying / selling homes?

I am from Canada but from what I know by talking to Americans these are some of the things they do:

Go to courthouse, find someone that checks title, pull them aside, tell them you will pay 5$ for each peice of paper filled with people in pre-foreclosure.

Some states publish this information publicly, some don’t.

Buying homes from people in pre-foreclosure?

That is a whole course in of itself. Go to the other preforeclosure forums to learn how to do it.

Better yet, read all the articles on this site about similar topics.

You should start by reading articles and books on preforeclosure investing. There are tons of questions that you’re going to have and most beginner books will cover your questions. Here’s the articles from our site here.