Finding Owners

Running into the problem of finding properties but cant find the owners I went to my clerk of court, property app., and even paid for one of these people locator websites does anyone else have additional suggestion?


Haha I heard about a few investors that will put a for sale sign in the front yard. Soon a confused and irate owner will be calling.

What about the “Yellow Letters”? Does anyone have success with them? I also am having problems with finding sellers. My area will not allow signs in front of houses.! :rolleyes


Randoskie, don’t know if I agree with your style but it would definitely work. LOL

All property owners are listed at the county - they have to be. Pull up the property online in your county’s equalization department and look at who is paying the owner and who is paying the property taxes. This will give you both a name and an address.

Easiest and simplest is to send a letter to the current owner at the address of the property.

In the return address portion simply put:
your normal return address…and…


If they have not been gone for over 13 months and have listed a forwarding address the USPS will return the letter to you with the new address.

Think outside the BOX!

You can go online and find a list of out of state owners of real estate in the price range you are looking for in your city.

Just one way. Have you tried bandit signs. :biggrin

Try to check the local tax assessor website. It has a list of information about the owner. If there is still no accurate information, ask the owner’s neighbors.

I have my title company run addresses for me, they send me all the good info, also recent comps, one title girl I gave her $200 in cash and gift cards for her help on a difficult deal, When I have sellers asking questions about me I have them contact her, another title girl I stuffed a few hundred buks into an envelope and she mailed it back to me saying she cudnt accept it.


You should try to skip trace the owner and call them. You can use a service such as skip genie, online white pages, belles ink, etc. there are a bunch of them out there. Find one that offers a free trial and give it a shot.

I find owners address on our county website, then plug info into online directory. I’ve use whitepages but seem to have better success with fastpeoplesearch.

Then start calling all the numbers. Lots of wrong numbers, but I was surprised with how many owners I actually found.

You can skip trace the owners. Do a simple Google search for “skip tracing companies” like true people search, etc.
Keep hustling…