Finding owners of abandoned prop

Hi all,

I have an abandoned property that needs a little work. It’s been abandoned for 2 years. I checked with my city clerk’s office (chicago, il) and got the owner’s information. But the information states that the owner still lives in the home. The title is cleared and he owns the home free and clear. The neighbors said that the house has been vacant, but don’t know where the owner went.

How can I find him?

Some skip trace and PI’s now offer a service to find owners of abandoned property.

Also try hanging an envelope in a ziplock baggie on the door with a letter stating who you are, that you are intestested in buying the home and your contact info. If all else fails the guy might just happen by the place 6 months from now and find the letter on his door. The baggie will keep it dry and the envelope you put the letter in will keep the sun off the ink so it won’t fade. A year from now you might get a call from a guy that found a perfectly legible letter on his door. It’s not a quick method but if a skiptracer can’t do the job it’s a cheap last resort.