okay i’m writing to see if someone can help me out. There is a property that is vacant and pretty messed up. I did some searching on the property apprasers website and found out that it belongs to an elderly lady. So I asked some people in the neighborhood. And it seems she passed away a couple years ago. But on the property apprasiers it’s still in her name. How can this be. If someone can please help it will be much appreciated Thanks in advance. wahnishin

You need to go to the county auditor’s office and see who is listed. Tax bills are being sent somewhere.

Websites, although convenient, are usually not very current.

Where are you located?

I’m located in fl. I did some more searching and found the elderly lady and her husband signed a quit claim deed. the quit claim deed is filed in the public records. So is person they quit claim the property to the real owner. Also her son is the one that was paying the taxes but he going to be incarcerated for a couple years. Thanks for the reply wahnishin