Finding owner..

Okay, so I drove around for a couple of hours today looking for houses (the kids LOVED that! :wink: ), and I found several-but one is driving me CRAZY! It is in a nice neighborhood that backs directly up to a golf course. It is clearly vacant. I went to (I don’t rely on the numbers, but I like to look), and for what little it may be worth in the end, the site said the market value of the home was about 57K. EVERY house within 3 blocks was 100K or more.

I have been trying to find information on the current owner online, but have had no luck. I usually can find SOMETHING-but I am coming up empty with this one. I have tried the public records site, etc. Does anyone have a good site to check to see if I can get a name or address for the owner?

Also, I found another house that is vacant as well, and the owner is listed as the “City Of Springfield”-what does that generally mean when the city is listed as the current owner???


Have you used the assessor’s database?

I see that property can be searched by address there.

I have also found assessors to be very helpful when I’ve called them on the phone.


Thanks for the response. Actually, that is the site I use. I did find it about 30 minutes after posting the topic, though! Apparently the road has been known by more than one name in the past ::). THANKS!