finding owner information

Does anyone know how to find out who the owner of a building is and how to get in touch with them?

Go to the tax authority (city/county/parish/etc.) and ask who hte owner of record is at 123 Elm Street. It’s a matter of public record. They should also have the address where the tax bills are sent.


Thanks Keith… Will there be any info on how to get in touch with these owners. Also is there anyway this type of information can be found online?

The billing address is supposed to be a contact address but, often, is not.

A lot of the information is on-line now…a lot is not. Ask your tax authority if they are and, if so, what the web address is.


Try this site;

just pick the State, then the County

Good Luck!

Much easier way.

Go online to the county appraisers site.
Type in the address of the property and it will give you the owners address.
It will also tell you the last selling price and when it was purchased and a lot of other semi usueful info, depending upon what you are looking to accomplish.
The public records don’t always list it under the name you know it however the link that mdhaas gave you will let you click through to your county property appraiser site.


Thanks guys. But have any of you ever tried to search for a property in one of the New York City Burroughs? I am not having any luck with this site? I keep reaching an error everytime I try to find the Building Block Lot #. Sometimes I will find an owners name but there will not be any contact information provided

Hi Gab31

This link should get you what you want.


Nice site Jeff!

Thank you Mdhass.

Does work for commercial buildings as well as residential?

I tried and I didn’t find it very useful.
For the most part it keeps directing you to pay for information sites.