Finding Owner For Chicago Property! Help Please!!!

I came across a nice vacant property in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and I tried to get the owners name from the cook county tax assessor’s office online and could not get it. Am I missing something. Is there another site I can go to. Please help!!!


County Recorders Office - All real estate filings are public record you just have to go in and request the micro film or recording to review.

You can take a note pad and pen, if you find your information write it down and if you need a copy of a document it can generally be made at some cost.


But, info is not updated ASAP if owners changed or foreclosed it will show last owner until new info is sent and even then could be a while.

If I were you I would go to the registry of deeds in your county and find the owners name. If you don’t know how to do this you can pay someone from a title company to show you how to do it. Some counties aren’t just aren’t online yet. Once you get the name you can “411” the name or you can even knock on the neighbors door and ask where the seller may be. Your last resort may be to find a private detector to find this person. You can probably get detector to do a search for $50 for you. Good luck hunting…

Dare I ask the dumb question first, but you said NW Suburbs, are you sure it is Cook County?

Not all the NW Suburbs are in Cook County. Do you have the PIN for the property?

Have you attended any local REI Clubs? Tons of great information available there.

Is northwest suburbs in cook county? Thanks