Finding out market rents in other areas of the US

How do you all find out what fair market rent is in cities you are not super knowledgeable. I came across a reahb that looks very promising and has 2 units. I just cant be sure that its a good deal because I do not know rents well in Harrisburg.

Any ideas?

Look in the classifieds, call adds for rent and ask what they want, put an add in the paper and see if a lot of people call, call another investor and explain the situation I’m sure they will give you a little hint.

get creatvie and just ask, see what they say.


This site works farily well in my area. I have heard some people say that they thought it was a little off but you can see what happens.

Craigslist is another resource to try. Your best bet is always a good realtor who works with investors. Maybe look for a REI Club in the area and see what realtors help that group out.

check this site out