finding name of homeowner question

i have a list of houses i want to work with , but i need to know the homeowners name. does anybody know how to find the name of the owner without paying a fee?

What state and county is it in?

Go to this site choose the State then county. It should list the county website where you can find the information. You will then simply enter address and it should list owners name.

That link above is a pretty good one. If the tax information in your area is available online, it should be rather easy to get the owner info. All you have to do in most cases is enter in the property address and the tax records will show you the owner’s name and mailing address.

Good Luck


well thanks alot to the both of you, i tried the link and it worked ive been trying for about 2 weeks already, thanks for the help

Glad to be of help! Best of luck!

What sucks is that only about a half dozen towns in my state actually are online and have their info on that site, and all are towns I am not interested in. I do have access to a lot of it via another method that someone gave me and its worked out pretty well. It requires a username/password though and being that its not my account I can’t give it out here. I’m not even sure how someone would be able to sign up if its possible at all.