Finding my team

How do I find an attorney and a real estate agent that specializes in wholesaling RE.

You could post classified ads on Craigslist and Facebook or visit any local real estate clubs.

I agree with heartlandbuyshouses! If you find other good wholesalers in your area, they may have attorneys that they use for contracts and navigating state-specific regulations throughout their business.

I find there are some great investor groups on Facebook where you can find agents in addition to local meet-ups and other REI networking sites.

Go to as many local real estate meetups as possible. Talk with as many real investors as possible. Ask a few who they use as their attorney. Chances are the best one in the area will be shared by a few of them.

The easiest way is to join a local real estate investor club / group. Network with people. Find out who their service providers are. You can have your whole team together in 2 to 3 meetings.