Finding Multi-Family Owners (out of state)

Does anyone know of a good list service that will provide me with out of state multi-family property owners info? Tax records search, but I need it to include multi-family and other commercial properties. Any that you guys are using? Likes, dislikes? Thank you for any advice.

I know it’s been a while since you posted this but I figured I would reply anyways in case others have the same question. is an online service (rather pricey) that will do this for you. They do offer a free account that will allow you to search for properties and it will give you the address and the owner’s name but not their contact info. You have to pay for that.

To get around paying for this (yeah, I’m cheap) I use their free account, get the address and owner name and then search for the property records at the appraisal district web site using.

It’s a lot of leg-work but it’s better than having to pay!

If you need local data contact a title company in the area you want to buy. They are usually happy to provide property/ownership record data as a free service. You can drill for further data yourself, once you get an APN, etc.

CORELOGIC charges either a $100 flat fee for a one-off search for 500 records. Or you can subscribe at $100/mo for like 5,000 records a month with a 12-month minimum. charges $89/mo plus $10/mo for each additional county with a 12-month minimum.

I think contacting a title company in each of the areas you want to get information in, is the most efficient, least expensive way to get what you need.

Do you really need much more than the number of units, building type (residential or commercial), the address, and title holder’s name at the get go? If that’s all you need to mail, I would go with the title company.

Of course the title company needs to know you’ll use them for title insurance when the time comes, and not just pump them for free information…