Finding Mulit-Families

I’m a newbie who has been reading this great site for a while. Unlike some others, I have read the Lindaul materials but feel that most of it is unrealistic in the beginning. To the more experianced posters (Rich, Property etc…) my quick question is this. I’m in the NYC market. I would like to start appropriately w/1-4 family unit. Any suggestions on where to find some deals? I figure an agent is out, and I have no issues w/dealing direct with a seller. I have a well paying job and am looking to start investing as a secondary income. Can anything be done realistically w/$30,000 down?

  • Almost every state has a rental housing association. You can go to meetings and network with owners.
    You can farm your neighborhood for signs on property
    Walk into a real estate sales office like remax, CBRE, or coldwell and tell them what you’re looking for, they’ll put you on an e-mail list.
    Join a local investors club
    Call some

real estate attorneys

The list can go on and on