finding motivated mobile home park owners?

hi, im thinking about sending letters to mobile home park owners of my county and neighbor counties. im gonna get the leads from online information source. there are close to 10000 listed in my target areas. and i would need to sort out this to less since i dont want to waste my money and time to send letters to all of them.

i can sort it out by properties has delinquent tax, absent owners, owner occupied, or mix up those (ex: del tax + absent owners). also i could get the leads for preforclosed or foreclosed, but i dont think i can mix them up.

so my question is what option would be best to get motivated sellers who are willing to do creative deals? (since i prob need owner financing or very low price to get the loans). also what alternative ways would you suggest for me to find a motivated MHP sellers to make a deal?

We pulled the names of all owners from the state regulatory agency and sent a very simple postcard (We Buy Parks/Call Us Before Paying a Broker/Zombies and Deadbeats in Trailers OK) to all parks smaller than 50 lots within a three-hour drive. We got a 4% response rate (which is very high), about 25 calls. It was very clear who was motivated on the phone, we focused on those, ended up buying 60 lots at excellent prices last year, looking for a similar number this year. I think owner financing is easier to get now, b/c you can start with “the banks aren’t financing ANYTHING, especially oddball assets like small parks”. We did get owner-carry on 48 of the lots with 30% down, excellent deal for us. In that case, there was litigation on the parks that would have kept a bank from financing.