Finding most recently listed NODs

What will be more current, NODs listed at the courthouse or NODs emailed to you from a title company.

Also, how do I go about getting a title company to send me these? Will each title company have the same list, or will they differ between companies?


Those listed at the courthouse will be more current… what area are you looking at?

Currently just going down to the recorders office and trying to familiarize myself with the dumb ass software they are trying to run.

That information may be available online. See if it is on your local clerk of the court’s site and if it is, see how much of a drag time it is until it is posted.

Some counties are pretty good about putting that info on line relatively quickly… some not so much.

Yeah, they dont list any info online :(. Thats why I was wanting to get them emailed to me from a title company, but if the courthouse has the most current listings, I guess I’ll just keep draggin my butt down there.

e123low - What area are you in?

I live in Boise, ID.