Finding Market values and Access to the MLS

I’m new in the biz and plan on rehabbing. I’ve looked at a few properties and need to know the true market values after fix up to determine my acquisition price and what I could possibly make on a deal. So far getting comparables from RE Agents has been like pulling teeth. No offense intended for any agents out there, but it seems like actual selling prices is their trade secret. I’ve got a few comparables from agents, but they are very vague - and 30 miles from my target area??? I’ve seen a link for a pay site to the MLS to find selling prices and I’m wondering if someone can post that again. Thanks for any comments on this matter.


Go to or for comps in the area. Good luck.

In additional to domania, you can also look up a few streets in your area by going to the registry of deeds. Most of them should be online and you should be able to do a free search. You can also go check the tax assessments for the area although those aren’t accurate.

The local library should also have some newspaper that lists all recent sales and you could go through the back issues. Anyway as an agent, the market is going down in this area so it’s a little tougher trying to figure out what things will be worth in a year, some people say higher, some say lower, but it’s definately going lower now.

Thanks! That’s what I was looking for.


Are there any postings for your area on This site will show the properties in many areas and it’s free. It does not tell you the selling price but it does tell about what they expect the property to sell for. I just look for houses similiar to my projects and I try to make it to open houses for comparable properties. I would also talk to a different realtor, mine does not have a problem giving me comparables. Of course I will list with the people who help me.

I was told by the county asseccors office that they will not give out comparable prices because new Privacy rules. I am sure there other reasons.

Best of luck and find the right people.