Finding lenders with very poor credit

I would like to begin investing in foreclosures, but currently have very bad personal credit - am working on repairing but it will take a while.

How do I find lenders for real estate purchases that will give a loan in my situation?

Depends on how “Poor” your credit is. Any ideal where your mid-score is?


A HML can help you


There are so many lenders who can help you. I had a seller with awful credit and we got him a refinance because of the equity in his property. Banks wouldn’t do the refinance, but private lenders know they can get their money out of the home, so took care of him.

Private lenders have more flexibility and can usually give a loan. The rate may be high depending on the downpayment, but it can be done.

What do you think your mid score is? It can probably get done but the interest rate will not be low, it depends on your score.

Do not ever let Credit, Money, age, experience, ever stop you from investing in real estate there are way to many ways to invest.

You do not have to use your credit, you can assign(bird dog) or wholesale a deal directly and then get paid on the deal and you did not even get the loan.

You can get Hard money or Private investors, Partners, or family to invest with you.

You can do Lease options and sub lease homes out and make the difference between the sellers mortgage and what the lease option is and you did not have to use your credit at all

You can buy home sub 2 and sell them directly to an end buyer and you do not have to use your credit you are using the end buyers credit.

This is just a few examples there are infinate numbers of investing in RE with out credit

Any hard money lenders that will do a 480 beacon? I have a friend that wants to invest, but I told him it would be hard to get any type of loan with that type of score. He wants to get into apartment complexes. Am I wrong?

480 is considered very loan and if he want to get into the commercial HML no WAY

although he can get into 4plexes to SFR with HML at 65%LTV so he can still go forward

he can also do other investing that does not use credit like bird dogging, LO Sub 2, assigment of contract or wholesaleing.