Finding leads

Has anyone been successful getting info from town halls, city clerks and tax asessors offices? I’m looking for lis pendis lists, eviction notices, properties with code violations, absentee landlords, (did I forget anything?).
In Connecticut some of the towns/cities have a computer system where some of this info can be obtained, but usually only by having a specific address. I’ve heard that municipalites do catalog these things and that they don’t like to give it out.
Has anyone found the right questions to ask the ladies behind the counter to get these leads?

Nobody’s tried this?

I believe nobody is responding because, of course, people do use these sources; They actually seem to be some of the most widely used sources.

As far as having trouble getting them, I’m pretty sure you are entitled to them (freedom of information act).

I use the my County’s Recorder’s office online system to get the Notice of Default listings.

here ya go i googled your state and then behind it typed ciruit court this first link pick the county you want and type a future date it will give you all the cases on the docket for that day that will give you foreclosure,eviction,probate, divorce …and you need to click search help to find out what the little codes mean that are by the case numbers …and for everyone else the second link if full state court websites for all

I know this is a old ad but i found that forclosure daily had the best lead service.The cost is a hundred dollars a month but it is well worth it

Rick Villani even mentioned it in this week’s Millionaire Investor conference call.

Most serious investors will use these methods, as mentioned by the other poster.

There are many other places and often easier places to look to find motivated sellers.

You are speaking of properties with code violations, well why not network with the people who write those properties up; Code Enforcement. They can be a pain if they are not on your side.

There are so many other places to find motivated sellers. I often find it a hassle to go down the local governmental offices. If you are not experienced in finding things you do better hiring someone to do that or looking elsewhere.

Business is all about networking. Network with professionals; lawyers, title companies, realtors, HML’s. code enforcement, bird dogs (mailmen, landscapers) the list goes on.

All of these people will know someone who needs to sell a house.