Finding landlords w/direct mail

when searching for landlords/investors who purchase a home recently are these considered owner occupied or absantee owners. Im using listsource and cant figure out how to target these people. any help will be appreciated

If your local county or city tax assessor has an online database of properties, search it. Add people to your database whose mailing address is different than the property.

If your county has a website you can access information through as well.

ditto on what Dmos said.

also -

I drive the area and look for faded “for rent” signs and call the number and ask the owner if they want to sell.

for every ten i call - i get about 3 that want to sell - and one that will call me back a few months later.

this method also works great as you can find out more about an area - and many times - the landlord (or property manager) you are talking to knows other owners and can give you their numbers.

we are in negotiations for a short sale on a quad apartment from using this method. It works and you go directly to the places that you want to buy versus using the shotgun method of sending out 1000 mailers and hope you get someone to call you.

email or PM me (or post here) and I can go into more depth how this simple method works.

If you want a list of out of area owners, contact the county. I fill out a form with the data I want and the county provides me the data in Excel via email or a CD for a small fee.

List brokers have a list of “investors” or people who own more than one property. Both usually are the same thing, but you can talk to any list broker and they will either have one ready on their site, or can customize one for you.

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Go the CHMA (i.e. section 8 website) there they publish a list of landlords with the properties they have… I send them a postcard either looking to sell me the property or fund my real estate deals.