Finding Land Value

Hello All,

I am trying to make an offer on vacant land but need to find out the current value. I searched the web but couldn’t find anything that would give me this. Unfortunately, its out of state so I cannot use my real estate agents in my state to find any info. Can someone please help as I have the seller waiting in the wings for my offer. I appreciate any feedback or info. Have a great day! :help

Your local real estate agent should be able to contact a real estate agent where the property is located and get some comps. I believe in some cases they would even do that for free only to help out a colleague from out of state.

Good luck!

Great idea J…thanks! It was probabley an obvious answer but sometimes when your knee deep in something you can’t see it. I appreciate your help and reply. Have a great day! :beer

QMGInvests - please let us know how it goes… Good luck!