Finding JV Partners

I have recently started investing in non-performing notes. I continue to get opportunities for even more deals, but I am unable to fund all of them. What is the best way to network with people who are looking to invest and would be interested in being a jv partner?

pm me…I am interested in looking into this further.

Depending upon the security for the notes and the yields you are offering, you can tap into the 7 trillion dollars in pension plans and IRA’s.

You need to have an exit strategy for your note buyers/funders so that they understand the risk and the potential for not only profit but the return of their money.

Get specific with your details of the deal you want funded and then present it with full disclosure. You will find that many investors attach greed to their willingness to invest. If the risks are calculated and the yield is high enough, you can find buyers.

Hope this helps.